New Deal with White Rabbit and Hogwild Records

OK, here’s the details of the deal.

Once a month ill be choosing a show from the White Rabbit calendar and make a custom art flyer. Ill then make just 10 11×17’s and leave them at hogwild record shop. Soon as i do that ill post via Twitter or Facebook that you can pic up your free poster, first come first serve. If you didn’t get one, don’t worry. Go to the show and ill leave some with the merch guy and ill let them do whatever: sell or give them away. And if you still didnt get a flyer, don’t worry yet again, Ill have them for sale on my new store website. So yeah, there you go! Im gonna do this every month so look out for updates and announcements cause im gonna let yall know at very random times that the prints are available. Thanks so much to Jennifer Holt at the Rabbit, and everyone at Hogwild. I hope this encourages people to check out your local record shop and pic up flyers haha and not rely on facebook or twitter to get your show information. I think we all, myself included,  have become lazy and post shows on social networks and forgot about how fun it was to make,  print, and pass out your flyers. I remember how great it was to go to Hogwild and head to the flyer section and plan out my week. That flyer bin is what made me want to do what i do. So i think this will be fun!

So starting in September My first flyer will be for my buds from Boston, The Street Dogs. They are on tour with Rancids bassest Matt Freeman’s new band, The Devils Brigade.

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One Response to New Deal with White Rabbit and Hogwild Records

  1. George says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! This makes me happy. Love seeing these kind of relationships build. Congrats, sir.

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